Stronger together, Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and Northeast CDC have merged

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and The Northeast Community Development Corporation directors announce they have merged to become Northeast Community Development Corporation, dba (doing business as) The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

“Some of the recent land development within the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District threatens the integrity of the land designated by the City of Minneapolis as industrial zones. This underscores the need to combine strengths of both organizations to preserve and strengthen the Arts District and to direct thoughtful development in Northeast Minneapolis.  We defend the land for use by the artists and related businesses within the City-designated Arts District. This entity will improve service to the Northeast Minneapolis community, including the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District,” said Jennifer Young, President.

The general purposes of the Corporation shall be to promote the economic development of Northeast Minneapolis in a manner that furthers the interests of residents, businesses, organizations and artists and to support artists, arts and culture in The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Board Chair Josh Blanc said, “The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, its service marks, website, e-newsletters, programming and branding remain. There will be little outward change as a result of this consolidation of effort and talent.”

Contact: Jennifer Young

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