Sponsor highlight: Stanley’s Bar Room

Stanley's Bar Room

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room is a bar and restaurant located at the intersection of University Ave and Lowry Ave. They have a wide selection of beers and wines, with 32 craft beers on tap. They’re in the heart of Northeast, and have a small, neighborhood-oriented feel.

In addition to drinks, they serve lunch and dinner every day, and breakfast on weekends. Stanley’s is open every day till 2 am, opening at 8 on weekends and 11 on weekdays.

One of the more interesting things about Stanley’s is its new Stanley’s on Wheels, a food truck that will begin selling all around the city this year. They also have a ton of regular events at the bar all year round. Check out their beer blog and Facebook page (or follow them on Twitter!). Thanks much to Stanley’s for being one of our sponsors this year!

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