Sponsor highlight: Indeed Brewing

Indeed breweing

Another one of our awesome Northeast Ride sponsors this year is Indeed Brewing! Indeed is a new brewery in Northeast Minneapolis, just founded in 2011. Their brewery will open this summer –and we can’t wait! In the meantime, their site is filled with teasers. When they open, they’ll be located in a beautiful old brick-and-timber building at 711 NE 15th Ave.

Indeed Floorplan

Proposed layout for Indeed Brewing

Their beer lineup has yet to be fully determined, but their story is already quite rich. Their head brewer, Josh Bischoff, has been brewing for ten years, most recently at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery. The other three cofounders, Thomas Whisenand, Rachel Anderson, and Nathan Berndt, all have history in Minneapolis, and have worked in fields from web development to photojournalism.

The company already has a loyal fanbase. In fact, they already have a collection of great branded gear.

In addition to creating a great beer, Indeed is environmentally minded. They’re a member of 1% For the Planet and plan to use only aluminum cans for their beer because of the substantial environmental benefits over glass. Though it’s probably not a deciding factor, I think any cyclist who’s lost a few innertubes to broken bottles would appreciate this choice as well!  😉

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