Sponsor Highlight: Banjo Brothers

Banjo Brothers

Banjo Brothers is an excellent local shop that designs and makes bike bags. Their slogan is that their tough, practical, and affordable and we don’t doubt it –the owners¬†originally¬†designed tool bags that needed to be sturdy and take a beating!

The great thing about Banjo Brothers it that the owners are avid cyclists. They field test all of their products, so you know you’re buying something designed for cyclists by cyclists. They carry panniers, waterproof cycling backpacks, handlebar bags, seat packs, messenger bags, and more. Whether you’re a recreational cyclist or a serious bike commuter, they have you covered.

Banjo Bros in action

Banjo Brothers bags in action!

Check them out on Facebook, or Twitter, and you can always visit them online to check out their products.

Thanks, Banjo Brothers, for sponsoring the first Northeast Ride!

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