Sponsor deadline approaching

Northeast Ride, June 2ndIt seems like ages ago we were first talking about the Northeast Ride, and what a great idea a tour of the neighborhoods would be. Now we’re only two months away from the event, and we’re so excited that this event is has turned from idea to a reality.

A huge thanks to the planning committee for getting us over the initial hump, to Amber and Sean for coordinating and promoting, and a big huge “thank you” also to our sponsors! Funding a first-year event can be a leap of faith, and we’re so grateful you’ve connected with the ride’s vision and want to help make this happen! We couldn’t be doing this without the help of everybody that’s come together (and if you haven’t seen the recognition page yet – you should check it out! We’re so lucky to have such awesome businesses and groups supporting this event.)

For any other potential sponsors out there that haven’t yet made a commitment – we want to let you know that if you want to be included on our t-shirts, map, and other print promotions, the deadline for sponsorship is April 15th. You can download a copy of our sponsorship form here: northeastcdc.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/NortheastRideSponsorshipForm.pdf (pdf)


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