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Northeast Futures is the second phase of a series of conversations that took place several years ago that resulted in a community visions statement, which you can find here:

I’m trying to move it from discussion, (where it stalled) to action (where it could be more effective.) The first phase pulled out some of the shared values in Northeast and pinpointed some concerns as well. My hope is that the second phase of Northeast Futures will get people involved in solving any problems at the individual level. Since we’ll be working with other neighborhood organizations and keeping city council in the loop, we’ll be avoiding duplication of services by connected people that want to help to the appropriate places, or helping facilitate the activities they’ll be doing.

Our first meeting is going to be Thursday, July 15th, 9am@ East Side Neighborhood Services on 2nd Street. We’re going to have a series of 6 meetings on the third Thursdays of the month, staggered between evenings and mornings to try to accommodate a variety of schedules.

Folks can get involved by attending the meetings or by letting me know if you have any concerns or thoughts about things that need to get done in Northeast. (I can be emailed at:

As I have been planning this project over the past few weeks, it has continually reminded me how fantastic Northeast is. I think we’re very fortunate not to have any overwhelmingly large issues – but I also think there are always things we can do to improve and help the neighborhoods. Some people are looking for ways to be involved, and I’m hoping to help connect the dots.

You can email me with any Northeast-related concerns you have, or you can also take a quick anonymous survey about Northeast, the NE CDC and Northeast Futures here:

We also really want local businesses to get involved. If businesses are willing to send an employee or two over to get involved or help with this process, send this information out in a newsletter, etc – we’ll be happy to list them as a sponsor of the project in return in our literature and promo materials.

And last but not least – some websitey goodness for planning/sharing/social networking purposes:

Facebook Group:!/group.php?gid=131682770181989

1st meeting event:!/event.php?eid=105402489508094

NE CDC Webpage:


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