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Neighborhood Profile #9 – Columbia Park

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, folks! I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday!

Today’s neighborhood profile is: Columbia Park.

Columbia Park has three namesakes: Columbia Park, one of the area’s parks; the park’s acquisition in 1892, the 400th year since Columbus’ voyage; and the adjacent suburb Columbia Heights.

Angela C. Lundberg - Boxcars

Angela C. Lundberg - Boxcars

The neighborhood is a mix of residential homes, tucked away with industrial surroundings, and sits between the city of Columbia Heights and the Columbia Park and golf course.

Lauri Svedberg - Dog Park

Lauri Svedberg - Dog Park

A favorite destination for a lot of Northeasters, Shoreham Yards and the historic Roundhouse are located in Columbia Park, as well as the St. Anthony off-leash dog park.

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