Neighborhood Profile #5 – Bottineau


My neighborhood!

The Bottineau neighborhood, running along side the Mississippi River, was named after the legendary pioneer, explorer and leader Pierre Bottineau.


Frontiersmen are tough.

Home to the California Building and the newly remodeled Psycho Suzi’s, Bottineau is a destination for many visitors to Northeast and a place where many artists live and work. Bottineau is also home to “Mulberry Junction,” one of Northeast’s best community gardens.

Not that I’m biased. 🙂

Amy Conger - Gluek Park, Twilight Image

Amy Conger - Gluek Park, Twilight

Bottineau is a great mix of fun and scenic – some of Northeast’s standout river parks and restaurants.

And let’s keep in mind why we’re here, folks: to get the Northeast Ride project moving

Slow along the Mississippi - Image

snow along the Mississippi River

Winter is coming soon. And even though winter can be beautiful, it sure is long! We’re going to need something to look forward to, right?


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