Neighborhood Profile #3 – Audubon Park

The Audubon Park neighborhood is full of gems. Home to the annual Johnstock festival, Audubon is a mix of destination and opportunity. In other words, there are lots of cool reasons to go there already, and there will be even more great activity as the area grows! The Hollywood Theater is one such opportunity, and it will be exciting to see what happens as this site is redeveloped.

Kendell Victoria Lindsay - Hollywood Theatre

Kendell Victoria Lindsay - Hollywood Theatre

Most people that head to Audubon spend their time on Johnson – where you can find Crafty Planet, Sarah Jane’s Bakery, and the Coffee Shop NE. In other words, it can be a dangerous area if you like food and arty activity! There’s actually an opening this coming weekend at The Coffee Shop NE – featuring local artist Darla Eklund.

Amy Conger

Amy Conger - Deming Heights Park

We hope to tour through beautiful and creative Audubon Park on the Northeast Ride in June. So far, we’ve got $160 pledged towards our goal.

Can you help make it happen?


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