Neighborhood Profile # 2 – Logan Park

As I write these profiles, I have to be careful. With each one I want to say it’s “one of my favorite neighborhoods” because I’m reminded of all the things I like about it. But they can’t ALL be my favorite… or can they? Maybe that’s why I love Northeast so much. : )

Lauri Svedberg - Ideal Diner

Lauri Svedberg - Ideal Diner

Logan Park – which is truly one of my FAVORITE Northeast neighborhoods, was named for Civil War general and U.S. Sen. John A. Logan. Large Victorian homes frame Logan Park itself, a park well used and well-loved by visitors and residents – and equipped with it’s own Nice Ride station! (Well, when it’s not snowing at least.)

The Logan Park neighborhood is considered the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District because it has such a tremendous amount to offer creatives and visitors. It features many of Northeast’s large studio buildings like the Northrup King Building, the Q’arma Building, the Casket Arts Building, the Waterbury Building, and the Thorpe Building. Because it’s got so much creative activity, Logan Park is a prime destination during the annual Art-A-Whirl open tour event.

And if we’re successful, we’ll be taking you on a tour through some of the best parts of Logan Park!

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