Neighborhood Profile #12 – Marshall Terrace


Angela C. Lundberg - Rail Yard

Angela C. Lundberg - Rail Yard

The Marshall Terrace Neighborhood is named after Minnesota’s fifth governor, William R. Marshall. The neighborhood is bordered in part by the beautiful Saint Anthony Parkway and the Mississippi River. A mix of residential and industrial, Marshall Terrace is also home to the historic St. Hedwig’s church.

Concerned Citizens of Marshall Terrace (CCMT) is the neighborhood organization for the Marshall Terrace. The name of the organization reflects the committed attitude of Marshall Terrace Residents for the well-being of their neighborhood and the residents and businesses that comprise it.

One of the exciting things happening in Marshall Terrace is the rebuilding of the Lowry Avenue Bridge. Closed since 2008 – it has a scheduled opening for the summer of 2012. Will we be lucky enough to see the bridge opening in time for the Northeast Ride?


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