Neighborhood Profile #1 – Sheridan

As a way of introducing the Northeast Ride project, I decided to highlight a few Northeast neighborhoods each week. Each one has great features and its own unique personality. As we meet the Northeast neighborhoods one by one, you’ll see why we want to create a tour that goes through each one of them, rather than having only one big event at a central location and inviting all the neighborhoods to participate.

I really believe you get to know a neighborhood better by bike or on foot. Even after seven years of residency, I always notice something new in Northeast when I’m on my bike.

Shuga Mural - Angela Lundberg

Shuga Mural – by Angela C. Lundberg

Sheridan is one of my favorite Northeast neighborhoods – and that’s not just because it’s adjacent to my neighborhood. : ) It’s home to some of my favorite NE Businesses – including Behind Bars Bicycle Shop, Chowgirls, The Anchor, The Modern, Shuga Records… the list goes on.

Sheridan neighborhood is also the “gateway to Northeast Minneapolis.” Not only does it feature the historic Grain Belt Brewery, it is also home to some of Northeast’s best bars, restaurants, and arts destinations.

And it gets even better. The Sheridan neighborhood is literally award-winning. The 13th Avenue and University intersection was voted “Best Corner” by the City Pages in 2011.

From the murals at Shuga Records to the brand new (knock on wood) park, we’re very excited. Cycling through Sheridan neighborhood is sure to be one of the most vibrant parts of the tour.

The Northeast Ride, slated for June 2012, will tour the thirteen awesome neighborhoods of Northeast Minneapolis. You can help make this ride happen by pledging to the project at

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