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Monday Updates


Happy Monday! Just a few updates for you before we launch this week’s tour-planning activity.


We’re four backers strong and at $165 towards event expenses so far. A long, long way to go! We’ll be putting up more posts in the next two weeks with ride info, images for the prizes and more. Let’s hope the word gets shared among many and all, and we can make this thing happen!

About the Ride

We wrote an article for MPLS Bike love answering the three most common questions we’ve been getting about the tour.

  1. What does “Creative Cycling Tour” mean, anyway?
  2. Why do you need money? It’s just a bike ride.
  3. Why now?

You can read the full article at: mplsbikelove.com

Planning Committee

Sharing the Kickstarter page and ride information is super helpful! And if you want to get really involved, you can always join the planning committee too. The next meeting is November 22, 5:30pm at Altered Esthetics Gallery. (1224 Quincy Street NE Minneapolis MN 55413).

Have a great week and thank you for all your support so far!


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