If you’ve left us a message at any point in the past year…

A voicemail box somewhere on our system was gradually piling up with messages over the past year, possibly even longer.

My clue to the fact that this was going on came when I called in to check messages and the system said “your mailbox is full” – even though I had only two messages in my box. I called Qwest, spending roughly 10 conversations and countless hours trying to determine:

  • where exactly the messages where
  • how I could get to them (not knowing where they were other than “not on my line” and “not in the general mailbox,” my passwords didn’t work.)

We were trying to do all of this without resetting the system entirely – which would erase all the messages. I didn’t want that to happen because obviously, I would like to respond to those messages if I needed to!

Apparently this was a very odd voicemail vs voice messaging problem that even left the helpful techs at Qwest scratching their heads. Even more unfortunately, in the process of trying to help me gain access, somebody at tech support did what we were trying to avoid and RESET THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. While it successfully created room for people to leave more messages (woohoo!) it did so by deleting everything.

We tried to find a way to retrieve them – but were totally unsuccessful. My final response from Qwest was nice but did not bring good news:

I am sorry for the delayed response. I have exhausted all possibilities in regards
to retrieving those voice messages. My understanding is that they are no longer
available even on any backup systems.



If you’ve called anytime in the past year left a message and have not received a call back, please accept my sincere apologies. Feel free to call me again about something awesome at 612-627-9366 (and leave a message on our fancy fixed voicemail system if I don’t answer.) Or you can always email me at jamie-at-northeastcdc.org.



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