“Golden Ticket” designs are in!

Northeast Ride Golden Ticket

The Northeast ride is a long way off, and we’ve got a lot of planning to do before we get there. We’ve got a Kickstarter going to help ensure we’ll have the resources we need to actually make it happen.

In addition to some cool rewards and sponsorship benefits, we’re also taking early registrations. With two inches of snow on the ground so far, we think the gift of a summer bike ride will be a big hit. Treat yourself, somebody else, or both!

Those who register early via Kickstarter will get a t-shirt, a sticker, and a commemorative “Golden Ticket.” If you choose the gift package, a Golden Ticket will be sent out in a gift-wrapped box to your intended recipient.

Pledges can be made on our Kickstarter page at:

Thanks for supporting the Northeast Ride!

Northeast Ride Golden Ticket Back

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