Sponsor highlight: Community Bees on Bikes

A unique sponsor this year is Community Bees on Bikes, which is a program of Beez Kneez Delivery. Beez Kneez is a company that delivers local honey — on bike! Community Bees on Bikes is a program to promote urban beekeeping and educate Minneapolitans on the importance of bees.

They have a great site talking about the benefits of bees, which include the fact that 1/3 of what we eat depends on bee pollination. According to the site, urban beekeeping has been legal in Minnesota since 2009 — which is what Community Bees is all about.

Community Bees on Bikes

For its first year, Community Bees set up hives at six locations. The nearest to Northeast is the McKinley Community CSA, located at 3300 N Lyndale Ave — this summer, that should be just across the new Lowry Bridge. They offer classes at the community locations. They’re filling up fast, so check them out!

Community Bees on Bikes is on Facebook, along with Beez Kneez.

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