Chowgirls Liquor License Hearing

I received this today from our friends at Chowgirls. Please join us for the hearing!


Thanks to all of you who have shown support of Chowgirls over the years.

Our next phase of growth includes a liquor license so that we may host farm-to-table dinners, groom’s dinners, birthday parties, etc. at the gallery next door (formerly the Bottineau Library and Frank Stone Gallery. Currently Roslaux. And as our dining room, we will call it “The Parlor”). Perhaps more importantly, this license will allow Chowgirls to get a state catering license which will enable us to serve anywhere in Minnesota. And thus able to compete with the likes of D’Amico, Prom, and Mintahoe.

We also see this as another way to support the community. Our connections in Northeast and the arts community have helped Chowgirls flourish since day one. We plan to provide affordable bar services during art events and for community events which will help work with city licensing standards.

We’d love your support if any of you are available to attend this public hearing in support of Chowgirls receiving a liquor license. It takes place Thursday, June 2 at 6 p.m. at East Side Neighborhood Services. See the attached PDF for all the details.

Thanks to the NE Chamber, NECDC, and SNO for writing letters of support. Any representation at this meeting is greatly appreciated.


Hearing Notice – Chowgirls (pdf)

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