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Outdoor Dining Ordinance

Attention Northeast restaurants and businesses with sidewalk cafes (or those in favor of them): Please call in your concerns about this ordinance ( to your City Council Member. This is very important and your voices can make a significant difference.

Council Member Glidden, 8th Ward, asked that we make this effort to stop passage of a terrible ordinance.

(from the attached letter)

We know that the City of Minneapolis recognizes the importance of outdoor dining to the prosperity and vitality of its commercial districts. The purposes of our outdoor-dining regulations should be to allow for and to support this desirable activity while controlling potentially negative side effects. We believe that current ordinances when enforced do that. Additional restrictions and approvals needed for an outdoor dining facility will make the process for approval of these amenities seem more onerous.

Council Members and Wards are listed below. Please go to for contact info.
Ward Council Member:
1 Kevin Reich
2 Cam Gordon
3 Diane Hofstede
4 Barbara Johnson
5 Don Samuels
6 Robert Lilligren
7 Lisa Goodman
8 Elizabeth Glidden
9 Gary Schiff
10 Meg Tuthill
11 John Quincy
12 Sandy Colvin Roy
13 Betsy Hodges

For reference: Tuthill Ordinance Changes (pdf) & Letter regardingOutdoorDining (pdf)

This could affect the small businesses and restaurants here in Northeast, as well. We encourage you to read up and respond!

(Thank you to our friends at Lake Street Council for bringing this to our attention.)


Chowgirls Liquor License Hearing

I received this today from our friends at Chowgirls. Please join us for the hearing!


Thanks to all of you who have shown support of Chowgirls over the years.

Our next phase of growth includes a liquor license so that we may host farm-to-table dinners, groom’s dinners, birthday parties, etc. at the gallery next door (formerly the Bottineau Library and Frank Stone Gallery. Currently Roslaux. And as our dining room, we will call it “The Parlor”). Perhaps more importantly, this license will allow Chowgirls to get a state catering license which will enable us to serve anywhere in Minnesota. And thus able to compete with the likes of D’Amico, Prom, and Mintahoe.

We also see this as another way to support the community. Our connections in Northeast and the arts community have helped Chowgirls flourish since day one. We plan to provide affordable bar services during art events and for community events which will help work with city licensing standards.

We’d love your support if any of you are available to attend this public hearing in support of Chowgirls receiving a liquor license. It takes place Thursday, June 2 at 6 p.m. at East Side Neighborhood Services. See the attached PDF for all the details.

Thanks to the NE Chamber, NECDC, and SNO for writing letters of support. Any representation at this meeting is greatly appreciated.


Hearing Notice – Chowgirls (pdf)

Path for new Northeast Trail cleared

“The Park Board’s purchase of 11 acres for $7.7 million will clear way for riverfront parks farther upriver in northeast Minneapolis, a significant piece of master plan.

The purchase bridges a key gap and eventually will allow trails to be developed farther upriver in northeast Minneapolis, even beyond NE. Broadway and perhaps crossing the river at or close to a nearby railroad bridge.”

Read the full article here.