2019 NE Calendar Submissions – more prize money, earlier deadlines

There are new deadlines (July 22) and submission guidelines for the Northeast Calendar.

For several years, the Northeast Community Development Corporation (NECDC) has coordinated the Northeast Calendar, soliciting images that represent the 14 Northeast neighborhoods (13 residential plus Mid-City Industrial).

To further encourage forms of visual art in addition to photography, participants may now apply to be commissioned to execute a piece of art that represents one of Northeast Minneapolis’ 14 neighborhoods. (Track A)

OR, participants may send finished images that fit the neighborhood categories (Track B), as in past years.

Fourteen (14) images or artists will be chosen (each for a $200 prize), one of which will serve as the cover and be repeated as one of the months/neighborhoods (prize is an additional $300, for a total of $500 for that piece).

Images and commissions will go through an independent, professional art jury process.

The 2019 Northeast Calendar will be designed by award-winning artist Kevin Cannon, who will have a role in choosing the cover.

Calendars will be ready for distribution in early November.

Full submission instructions can be found here.