Announcing the Northeast Ride

The Northeast Ride, slated for June 2, 2012, will take cyclists on a tour of Northeast Minneapolis, stopping at neighborhoods parks and major destinations. The ride will also take participants through the arts district, touring past Northeast creative buildings and historical landmarks like the Casket Arts Building and the Grain Belt Brewery, while using some of the new bike trails and bikeways.

The Northeast CDC is trying to raise $15,000 to help ensure the event’s feasibility. A Kickstarter page to fund the project is live and will be up until Dec 5th. Volunteers will also be needed.

Additional support for the ride is being provided by Bicycle Theory, MPLS Bike Love, and Altered Esthetics.

Right now, there are a several different things you can do to help this initiative:

Join the planning committee:
We’ve currently got a group of four dedicated individuals planning this event. If you want to join us, our next meeting is Wednesday, November 9th at 5:30pm at Bicycle Theory. (1500 Jackson Street Northeast, Minneapolis MN 55413, Suite 400). If you can’t make Wednesday but are interested in future meetings, let us know your general availability and we’ll keep you in the loop. (

Help make it happen:
We’ve got a Kickstarter project going right now to help raise the funds to get this project moving. If we can do this, we know the ride’s a sure thing. We’re taking sponsorship pledges as well as pre-registrations, spoke-card orders, anything we can secure in advance to make sure this ride’s a go.

Kickstarter page:

Help get the word out:
To make this happen, we’ll need lots of help from lots of people. It will be more fun that way, too! The more people that know about this project, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can help create awareness by:

Thank you for your support!!!

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